Monday, October 12, 2009


this morning i spent several hours in geography class and then swapping notes with a german girl. later in the evening, i met up with a french woman and her son to see about babysitting. christine wants me to watch four year old ben on occasion, and pays me extra to speak only english with him. ben immediately began a shooting match with fake guns with me, and wanted to share his french fries with me- i think we're off to a good start! i discovered a fantastic, cheap, fast and yummy place right next to her place that delivers pizzas and burgers for free- new favorite place!
then i met up with katie at the train station! i really like exploring and doing france with her- it's odd that we both go to UNT but are just becoming friends here. the two of us went to a place i've been dreaming about eating at for about a month, "american" food at a place called buffalo grill! i thought it was buffalo bill's, and when i realized i had the wrong name, i decided to keep calling it bill anyways. a group of 8 other americans, english and germans were not disappointed. i had a salad with corn and red beans, sourdough bisquits, a huge well-done arizona burger, fries and a grenadine-water drink. i also took a red balloon with a cowboy and girl indian on it, and an indian headdress paper crown (like burger king hats, native american style). EXCELLENT!
we came back, chatted with some friends, i showed her my view of the city from campus and we talked until early morning.

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  1. Very cool that the French woman wants you to help her son learn English!

    and I love the BK crowns! so the Indian headdress one sounds fantastic! Thumbs up to Buffalo Bills! ;)