Monday, October 12, 2009

saturday with katie

we slept in! and i took her to meet kitty felix, and we stayed in deb's room an hour swapping youtube videos. then we wandered around town and had a leisurely picnic at the parc in the sun. i had my first shopping trip in le mans, getting a pair of cute black boots and some other fun small things.
we made an early evening showing of our first movie in europe, max and mary. it's australian, so english, but most movie theaters dub everything into french; we went to the indie theater and heard it in english with french subtitles. it's claymation with lots of dark colors, which fit the plot- one of the most surprisingly depressing and bleak movies i've ever seen! i'm glad i saw it, because i really wanted to, but it was a let down; when it was over, even the french all stayed in their seats from shock.
i took her to the place i raved about from yesterday, i got a lifechangingly-good hamburger for 2 euros. we came back to campus, got together with the internationals, and went out to three places for the night. somehow, i didn't pay anything the entire night and morning. first was mulligan's, the irish pub everyone here is obsessed with, for a bit. next we hit up cafe pop until it closed- so fun! we danced the whole time, mostly just our group on the floor, and the dj had a lot of fun with us. afterwards, i asked him if he knew any good places still open for dancing, and he said he would personally take us to one! we followed him to a place nearby, and on the way i held his huge book of CDs while he had a drumming contest with one of the tunisian guys on top of a car. we arrived at a place called djecko's, and he got all 10 of us in at the same time for free and personally held our jackets and coats behind his turntables. we danced to similar music in a much more crowded and larger place than before, until we were exhausted. i had decided to wear heels for the first time in a month, and paid for it- we left town at 3:30, after all the trams had left for the night, and i walked back barefoot. sleep at 5am

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  1. Such a night owl!

    I don't know how you do it! I feel like such a granny now with my 40hour/week job... BOO to me!

    Glad you're living it up!