Monday, October 12, 2009


so after the stolen wallet, missing my train to le mans, getting sick and other such exciting events, here's a recap of nice things that happened that made things better. God was incredibly nice in letting only my wallet get taken, and then setting up sympathetic people and inspiring grace in their hearts to help me get things taken care of. the police let me use their phone for international calls to take care of closing two bank accounts for free; nicolas' key only cost 3 euros to replace and he was a gentleman about the ordeal; the university gave me my 3 new keys and ID for free which should have cost me 40 euros; my bank charged me 25 euros to block the account but the woman i met worked the system to make it only cost me 4; all the international students have offered to let me borrow money, and i borrowed plenty from katie; 600 euros worth of money i had been waiting on for 45 days came in today and i was able to withdraw some and use it; things like this. i'm feeling a bit better, health wise. my professor said my butchered homework, first of the semester, was ok even though it deserved a 0. i needed to buy a new tram ticket, that is unlimited use for one month, anways; when i mentioned this to an employee on campus, she gave me one for free (30 euro value). i lost a lot of money, but was successful in blocking american and french cards and accounts without anything being taken from them. i was SO GLAD i got into my room and could sleep here.
unfortunately, after my class the admin was closed for the day and i couldn't get any of my new keys (c'est france).
also, i witnessed my first two strikes in france- one with the hospital workers and one with the public transportation employees. this meant the tram only worked half the way to town for me to buy groceries, and i walked the rest of the way. thankfully, because the firemen had come and put out a huge bonfire in the middle of the street, when i was on my way back with overflowing heavy bags the tram was running again.
i had my geography lab and dance class today

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