Thursday, October 1, 2009


i wrote and sent out my first mail today!
deb came by with felix and asked me to kitty-sit while she was in class for an hour and a half, and it was the longest i've ever spent alone with a cat. a couple girls have decided to claim him until a home can be found; there's a good chance he may just stay smuggled in the dorms until they leave. i needed to run a couple errands around campus, and i totally became one of those girls who carries a small cute animal in her purse. he loved it- when i came back to my room, he stayed in there cat napping for 45 minutes. deb came back with another girl who was a vet's assitant for two years to give him a checkup, and turns out the lil guy's got a tapeworm and infested with fleas. awesome for him, and for me who then did two loads of laundry to rid my room of them. for the second time, i stained all my laundry! argh, the machines here are completely different and now a bunch of my stuff and the school's sheets are stained pink/red/blue/purple. on the upside, a white blouse i had is now this really great slate/baby blue.
tonight was my second danse societe class, and it was fun again. meeting more people in it, and getting better at swin/rock and roll and cha-cha. there are a couple showoffs that annoy me, but they're great dancers and way better to be led by them versus the other limp noodles. i tried to play some country music for my teacher and school her on how we do it in the south, but we had technical difficulties- next week!
i cooked dinner with some french girls and my brazilian friend tonight, and learned a lot of random and offensive slang. i spent the night getting ready for paris stuff, and for deanna! she goes to unt with me, is in the same small group at the same church, and is studying abroad now as well. she comes in tomorrow night from dundee, scotland for the night and then paris for the weekend!

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  1. Bummer about the laundry, Megan. Bet Dad's glad he can't take the blame this time ... haha.

    Looking forward to hearing how well your dance class adapts to some two-stepping!