Thursday, October 1, 2009

mellow monday

i don't have classes at all on monday! always three day weekends; this is my first semester of my entire school career to have this. it's really strange, especially because i don't have a job- i feel like i should always be doing something, but don't have a lot of concrete obligations to do...
i was going to check out a judo class tonight, but instead visited a modern dance class. good night- for someone who loves to dance, that was just painfully boring and depressing! the only "formal" dance classe i've had was middle eastern dancing at a ywca, taught by women not from that culture and had never been there. i used to wonder what it would have been like, to have gone through dance classes as a little girl, and taken this typical style- now i know it would have been awful for me!
i ate dinner with french friend and semi-neighbor mathilde and ehr friend lula tonight. they are really great but don't talk a lot; it's weird trying to initiate a conversation over an hour with people in another language.

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