Monday, October 12, 2009


emily was in germany and let katie sleep in her room last night, which was awesome because it meant i didn't sleep on my floor again. katie and i went to mass at saint julien's, the oldest and most known cathedral in town. this service was definitely more community based and closer to a traditional mass than the more famous tourist attraction churches. afterwards, we saw little girls with scooters by the door and little boys running around play fighting. they even had a table with little finger pastries and juice, which we saw after a little boy walked up to us with some treats on his place, looked at us with big eyes, and offered us some without saying a word.
i showed her the local sunday market, where i bought several gifts and groceries. we both tried our first french savory crepes, made by a cute older couple from a trailer: crepe cooked on the skillet with an egg fried on top of it, then doused with cheese and ham. it was served classically, folded into fourths, and delicious.
she wanted to see vieux mans, and while we walked around we stumbled upon a regional art museum and a mandolin musuem, both free to us. the quaint regional museum had several floors of fantastic things from the same ground i live on, which was super interesting. the mandolin museum was cute and had great music in the background, and the coolest thing was its collection of up to two centuries-old intruments. then we passed by saint benoit, one of several other beautiful cathedrals that for some reason never have services and aren't promoted by the city. there are at least 5 i can think of, maybe one of which is protestant, that are in more than decent condition, gorgeous and yet swept under the rug. weird.
i made us dinner, and i introduced her to my favorite british tv show called the it (information technology) crowd. we spent a couple hours figuring out our week long school vacation break, which will be to italy! she almost missed her train, which seems to be a growing and unforunate trend with my friends and i. i spent a whopping four hours skyping with my parents, and crashed after a busy, perfect weekend!

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  1. Greetings Megan,
    Nathaniel Hankins here, & I've enjoyed reading your very informative blogs. I envy you and all of the exciting adventures you are experiencing at such an early age. Sorry about the theft of your wallet, but you was still blessed as a result of your loss. Your Mom sent me your blog address. Enjoy your time in Paris, Mary said hello also.