Thursday, October 1, 2009

today was tuesday, and i got to sleep in. i only have one class tuesday, and it's at night; so my weekend is friday from 11am until tuesday at 6pm! i met up with a french guy for lunch, and his name is arnaud. it seems this is a common french name for guys, i've already met two and only know like 6 french guys. we ate the french cafeteria version of asian food, and for dessert i had a donut/pain au chocolat thing. he's pretty cool, the first average french guy i've met. on our way out, i met some of his political-type friends who were passing out fliers to privatize the postal system. and i totally succeeded with my first joke in french, with the french! score. humor is difficult to translate; even if it's actually quite funny, the wong choice or order of words, slow delivery and bad pronunciation just make it fail. they reminded me of my kooky denton guy friends, and i liked that.
an hour later, deborah comes knocking on my door for the sole purpose of soliciting my help to get a kitty out of a huge tree. really. for about an hour we try to find guys we know to hoist me into said tree for its rescue, to no avail, and i go back home. two hours after this, i'm on my way to language class and i see about 10 girls i know under this tree with felix, the boy they has just saved. he is CUTE- i've never had a cat or liked them much, but kittens are different :)
class tonight was good- turns out, i was able to take one class geared for non native speakers, and we spend all of class talking and reading about each other's countries. i'm starting to see the two men who specialize in teaching french as second language are pretty good at offending foreigners and producing stereotypes. only one was directed at americans, that none of us have the physical capability of rolling our "r's" in french. thirty minutes later, the prof asked my nationality and was super embarassed when he realized he had been rude. the longer i'm here, the more different nationalities people assume i am: at first, american, then canadian, most recently german and spanish. nice.
i stayed up until 2:30 watching one of the dumbest movies of all time with three americans. it's called hot rod, and it's about a crummy stuntman; it was the best source of dumb humor i've run across in a while.

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  1. Somedays I wish my work schedule were different and I could sleep in and work at night ... glad you have such an awesome schedule this semester. Knowing you like I do, I know you'll be maximizing every bit of that free time.