Friday, October 9, 2009


i had my first class of la benevolat et sa gestion, aka a class about nonprofits in france, today. the prof is easy to understand, sympathetic to foreigners (harder to find in a prof than i expected)and i'm with two cool german girls too. emily made deb and me a surprise dinner... of southern food! homeade bbq chicken sandwiches, coleslaw and corn, topped off with strawberry soda and eclaires, mmm.
i spent the day getting ready for deanna, my friend from UNT studying in scotland, to arrive in le mans. on my way to pick her up from the train station, she calls me from a stranger's phone (hers isn't working for some reason) to say she missed her train, the last one of the night. i scramble, and thankfully get a hold of one of the couchsurfing guys who says she can crash at his place for the night. i spend the next couple hours getting ready to leave and arranging a ticket for her to come at 6:30 the next morning. turns out, i'm getting fairly sick, with some sort of throat-nose-cough-mucous thing that has been going around campus. with 4 hours of sleep under my belt, i'm on my way to pick her up again and she calls to say she missed this train too. we agree to just meet up in paris, and forget her coming to le mans altogether.

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  1. rough stuff love bug. I'm sorry. :(