Thursday, October 1, 2009

that's what i love about sunday

i checked out another church today, with my english friend joanna. it's a small baptist church of around 40 people, mostly french and some english who have lived here for a while. i even recognized some old school songs from my childhood methodist church, which was pretty cool. the people were great, and the sermon was basically just reading a chapter of the Bible and everyone discussing it, community style.
after that, i ran into another american girl and we wandered this lovely park together; once i got back, i met up with 5 ukranians to "faire du picknicking" at the same parc. we lounged on the grass, swapping food and drink, for three hours. it was my first time to be around them this much, and it was fascinating. the culture for female appearance revolves around girls always being put together, looking alluring and ready to pose any time; hanging with three of the girls and seeing this was interesting.
i met up with a moroccan/french guy and helped with translate his resume (c.v. here), and as a thanks he bought me my first drink mixed by a machine! j'ai pris cacao au lait, or hot chocolate, and this little grey vending machine-robot presented me a cup of fresh(ish) warm goodness. for 40 centimes, too.
i spent the rest of the night talking with my parents and my sister leslie online and messaging about thirty people to see if i could crash their chouches in paris next weekend.

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  1. Yes ... and your mama was a happy girl after seeing your pretty face and hearing your sweet voice and silly giggle. I love skype!

    Did you have any luck with the couch surfing?