Wednesday, September 30, 2009


after sleeping in gloriously late, i spent several hours with friends outside on a blanket. favorite part: alinike, who is dutch, started playing proud mary on her guitar, while i drummed on someone's journal and some americans and germans sang the lyrics.
tonight was la forum jeunesse, a huge free event with entertainment designed for high school- thirty year old's amusement. i went to two concerts that night, both for famous bands of several men. the first played something like ska-oldies-techno country-rock, and all the members were either transvestites or just truly weird. my favorite guy wore a pink cowboy hat, no pants, sunglasses and a floor length tan fur coat. emily and i left our friends in the back and snaked our way to the front, joining a congo line and dancing with the real fans. i was surprised how quiet the crowd was and how much personal space was available- my ears weren't ringing from people shouting and no one was up in my grill, it was great. the second band is called IAM, and they;re from le mans and a hugely successful rap group. once they started, the crowd changed completely and became more like an american concert- crowd surfing, flag waving, yelling, people needing to get a room, no personal space- home sweet home? we stayed for a couple hours, and spent an hour and a half trying to get back home. nice night

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