Monday, September 21, 2009

sunday, first sabbath

i went to a church this morning for service. michel goes to this protestant church downtown that is comprised of mostly french and africans. i went with a friend, and the first hour and half was singing, followed by half an hour of communion and a sermon, then another hour of singing. the music was in french, but similar to african gospel. i loved that the three women singing wore bright traditional north african dresses (with glittery spike heels, too) and that about every song some man in the congregation would yell out an ay-ay-ay. i realy enjoyed taking communion with the believers, and i liked that the entire sermon was about Jesus and scriptures with miracles. it was way long and loud though; glad i went, but it was exhausting.
for dinner, i made a cheeseburger! i found a beef patty with onions at the store, added my new "texmex" seasoning, sprinkled swiss cheese on top, drowned it in ketchup, served in on a dry wheat loaf of bread and enjoyed baby dill pickles soaked in vinegar on the side. not the same as back home, but really yummy. i spent the rest of the day outside alternating between doing homework and being happily distracted by friends joining me. i got to talk to my parents on skype for the first time, and that was long and joyful.

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  1. Hey Meg,
    It looks like you're having a great time in France! I love reading your blog, you're a great writer. Hope everything keeps going well and keep the posts coming! :D