Wednesday, September 30, 2009

crepe parties should be every friday

after the blowout last night, i had class early friday morning. my new friend whose name i don't remember totally hooked me up with all her notes from the week before- none of it seemed familiar! it was like we were at two different classes. thankfully, nice students exist to help me not fail.
tonight was french friend chloe's birthday dinner. she invited a couple friends to her home and taught us how to make crepes; it should have been an episode on the food network. after demonstrating how to make the batter (while we see her mom has already cooked a gargantuan stack of crepes for us), she asks everyone to try and make a crepe. we sat down and chowed down on just crepes, with sugar, nutella, plum marmalade, plum jam,cream honey (miel) and whip cream for toppings. mmmmmmm.
throughout the meal, she busted out several french drinks for us to try. the first two were alcoholic apple cider- not spiked, it was something else- with 2.5 % and a 5%, both good. this type of cider and crepes are native to the bretagne region, so we had a legit breton meal. then she brought out some sort of local beer- best beer i've ever tried. next was a cherry liqour with whole fruit in it, homeade. there were two- one that was older and way more fermented, i tried both. then there was a prune after dinner drink, served with a big ole honkin shriveled, black, nasty prune in the glass. both the fuirt drinks she said were about 20% alcoholic content. to top everything off, she passed around the french equivalent to moonshine, i forgot what it was called. she said to put a couple drops on a sugar cube, stick it in coffee and eat it. you know it has to be strong if the french only put a drop or two- i found out later it's like absinthye, and illegal, at 60%.

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  1. Chloe's family sounds wonderful! But after looking at that picture you posted on facebook, I wouldn't have touched the drink with that big ole prune in it ...