Thursday, September 17, 2009

monday & tuesday

no classes monday, just admin stuff and hanging out with friends.
tuesday i had french grammar class followed by lab, and that was difficult. the prof, who seemed my age, spoke quietly and quickly and basically talked about every element of grammar we could cover. intense. the good news is a ton of the germans another american are in it with me.
i met a cool girl from the netherlands and she let me borrow taxi (french movie, not the cheesy american one with jimmy fallon and queen latifah). on my way to get emily with deborah, who is from missouri, we stumbled upon a choir show. it was all adults, all in french, and very amusing. that was my favorite hour of people watching since i've gotten in europe, for sure- epic characters and people. the climax of the performance was hearing the lion king's "circle of life," with the beginning in swahili, the rest in french and me whispering the lyrics in english- all in classic choir style. after picking emily up from her dorm, we ran into 9 or 10 tunisians celebrating ramadan, dorm style, in the kitchen. i taught a guy named smiles, who let me taste his food, how to two step. they were a hoot, i'm excited to hang with them. we finally made it to my room, and deb shared her rillettes with us. it's a specialty of this region, and it's basically precooked and pulled pork jammed in lard and served cold. it was surprisingly good- i'm skeptical of a lot of meat eaten here, but that wasn't bad. we started the movie, a comedy about a pizza delivery guy who becomes a taxi driver and tricks out his car for racing and then helps the cops capture bank robbers. halfway through, we called it a night

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