Saturday, September 12, 2009


Two more classes, 6 hours, of French. My philosophy is that if it’s insanely difficult then I’ll just learn and get that much better. That’s what I keep telling myself… I had an unexpectedly great lunch with two new friends, guys from Gabon (Africa) and southern France. We live on the same floor and met while cooking, then shared what we made and swapped stories in both English and French. Then I spent another three hours working on my schedule, only waiting thirty minutes this time. I scarved (scarffed?) down a bag of cheese flavored Doritos and salsa (must start making my own salsa and tortilla chips), then watched the Princess Diaries 2 at Emily’s place and went to bed happy.


  1. I'm glad you had a great day. Do you feel like your French is getting stronger? I'm excited to hear you speak French when you come home! Hooray for new friends and old favorites (like the Princess Diaries) :D

  2. amy, i love you! thanks so much for all your little messages on my posts. i have an old email address for you, what is your current one?

  3. Girl, you're going to conquer the french language and blow Grandma Lewis away! Hang in there, honey.