Friday, September 18, 2009


i had my second class today, histoire contemporaine. seems like a great class, light work load, i can understand the professor when he speaks. however, in the first ten minutes of class, he stopped mid-sentence to ask why i wasn't takng notes, just listening. he proceeded to be rude and mocked me- not cool- and i couldn't think quickly enough in french to explain that i was trying to understand everything before writing it. at least he thought i was a french girl; otherwise hopefully he wouldn't have been a jerk if he knew the situation.
i met a french guy named arnaud today, who is a pilot and learning english to fly in canada. i had a raisin croissant with him and some americans, went downtown for a couple hours, came back and napped before dinner. i discovered a north african restaurant, and pulled all the americans together for a reunion dinner there. i had a starter course of six sampler things, including something like fried banana bread mix, circular veggie roll type thing and fried plantains. the main course was chicken in an olive-lime-onion thick orange sauce with rice. dessert was an incredibly satisfying mango icecream. i won't be eating like this often- northern france is very expensive. it was a nice treat made possible by my fantastic friend chrissy back in texas :)
then i went to the irish pub again with the other internationals- it's really all they've found to do so far at nights, and it's already getting boring even though the company is hilarious. i tried a banana soda called a diabolo, and a shot called mon cheri. favorite part of the night was when they played sweet home alabama on the speakers- i was ecstatic to the point of annoying my friends.

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