Thursday, September 17, 2009


no class again today, so i got to sleep in! it was glorious. more admin stuff; i'm pretty sure it's my other new favorite pasttime, and it's definitely not ending anytime in the next couple weeks. i listened to a podcast from mark driscoll about what proverbs had to say about authentic friendships, and chewed on that for the day.
i forgot about a great trip i made to town tuesday, but i'm just going to combine it in the trip i made wednesday too. i met up with deb and emily to go downtown to see a movie. apparently i don't know how to read movie times, so plan B was to explore the town instead. i tried to buy school books, and learned that both my credit cards and debit card don't work, but i can withdraw moeny from an atm without any fees.
for food: we discovered a scrumptious patisserie with the cutest mini cakes and tartines, and i bought an opera. it's inspired by the paris opera house, known for its opulence and exquisite detail; some chef decades ago baked a 6 or 7 layer cake of caramel, coffee, chocolate and crust in its honor, it became famous and is easily found in france today. it was yummy :) we found a cute icecream place, and i bought melon (cantelope) flavored goodness. there is a mcdonald's by the tram, and for grins we popped in see what it was like. turns out, it's very modern, plays great music, has trendy and comfortable furniture and it's oddly clean. the girls bought some food, and we sat down in awe and confessed we might have to keep coming back, in spite of the fact that's it's a mcdonald's. the menu is definitely more french; i've been to mcdonald's in hong kong, china, france, switzerland and across the states and i'm impressed with how they cater their food choices a bit to the area they are located. after seeing their fresh fries, i got a hankering for a kabob, which is like a gyro pita from a street vendor in the states, but the meat is slightly different, sauces are more north african and fries are served on top.
once back on campus, claudia and i got together for dinner and french practice. we cooked italian and drank asian tea. i met up with the americans and saw a short play on campus, and it was no bueno. it was some form of social or political acitivism, but executed poorly and we didn't get it (plus a permanent stench of BO, worse than the normal bad french smell of groups). the girls and i finished taxi, and it was great. sleep early, i have my second class tomorrow!

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