Wednesday, September 30, 2009

thursday- oh man...

so thursday was semi-epic in a lot of ways. first, i woke up super early to make it to my history class, but then somehow i forgot where it was. i asked students, faculty, department heads and custodians, and with all that i just became more confused and never found the class. what a lame reason to miss class- not even skipping or sleeping in!
then emily and i headed to town to take care of some this and thats. i found out i had a package waiting for me at the main post office in town, and set out to find it. it's only two streets away from a familiar tram stop, quite close; 3 hours after we got off the tram, we finally found it. we kept getting all sorts of bad directions, and then confusing the good directions, from nice strangers. thankfully, neither of us had concrete plans and were able to spend them time searching.
about an hour into our quest, we were speaking english when a woman crossing the street looked behind at us oddly. when we reached the curb, she asked in english if either one of us was interested in being an english-speaking babysitter! this was completely divine- two days before this, i head learned getting a job with my length of time here and adminstrative nonsense was basically impossible; my only shot was being a babysitter. however, i don't know any families, and to be a babysitter through the city means i have to buy a special kind of insurance, translate my resume, have letters of recommendation, and then if a parent wants a babysitter to pick me when i am available through a huge binder of students. so basically, this woman was a direct answer to prayer. we had time on our hands, so we followed her to her flat and she gaves us cokes (i was craving one and about to buy one). awesome. anywho, hours after that, i get my package from my parents and it is perfect!!!!!!
we arrive back on campus just in the nick of time for the second annual "trott and dance." this, my friends, is the most ridiculous and fun spectacle i've been a part of since arriving in le mans. the athletics department hosts this 2k walk/4k run early evening, and those who participate can go to a party in the tennis gym that night. the party is basically a school sponsored, booze infested techno dance party with too much strobe lights and no AC that lasted until 4am. anything that is coming to your mind probably happened there. it's so strange; it seems like because this is the one big party the school throws all year, the french save up their wild streaks for one night. i had a blast, and was definitely one of the only sober people there. i was supposed to start a class that night; but the campus postponed every class in honor of la fete!

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  1. Great stories! What a day! Don't think UNT or A&M would ever host one of those parties, do you? Glad you got the package and enjoyed the goodies and cokes in the process.