Thursday, September 3, 2009

last (full) day in marseille

today i totally picked up a new massive suitcase, two sundresses and a winter dress for ridiculously cheap costs at the local market. then the girls and i headed to a 350 year old hospice designed by famous marseillaise architects for the travelers and homeless, which was pretty cool. it houses two museums- mediterranean archaeology and oceanic/american indian/ african art- split up by different rooms in the now empty hospice. i saw all kinds of fascinating old stuff, but i was most intrigued by the egyptian wing with tons of mummified things! cats, ibises, crocodiles, dogs, a hand and an entire body, still in tact under some nasty and surely rank smelling bandaging.
then we met up with a friend for some fantastic beach time and more icecream. this particular one had millions of small pebbles, a couple dozen topless middle aged and older women, countless speedos, and way chilly water even during a summer day. i only saw one seagull the entire time we were there, which was different than my corpus memories, and it was BEASTLY huge.
i discovered the show "so you think you can dance," and we watched several recordings of it over dinner and dessert. for the third consecutive night we were out late doing things, again not to be explained in detail online for security reasons. time to pack again, i'm heading for lyon to meet christa tomorrow!


  1. Hi Megan,

    It's Liana! I am living vicariously thru you! Have fun! I'll be keeping up with ya!

    Liana Campbell
    (who works for your dad :0)

  2. Please dole out the french of the day everytime you post. for me?!?

  3. Could it have been an albatross and not a seagull? Was So You Think You Can Dance? the American version, or a French version? That would be fun to watch a French version of that show. If it's the American version, I remembered how much more I loved watching American programs when I was overseas. They become almost nostalgic. Oh, and I always got a kick out of topless beaches. Fun, fun! :)