Monday, September 7, 2009

last day in lyon, sunday

today i went to my first church service in france, but in no way is it the typical service. it's a small church that just started here, with a north african immigrant/muslim background friendly approach. it was cool singing in french, translating in my head into english, and all the while hearing arabic songs with shrill ay-ay-aye's and drumming. the family from friday dinner was there, and their dog actually died while we were all there so the day ended a little differently than planned. the service was about an hour, and then we shared a potluck lunch that didn't involve us leaving for about 3 more hours. i'm trying to adjust to eating slowly and making meals a 4 hour event, but it's hard especially because i can never eat enough in their eyes (4 hours! goodness, how do they make room in their stomachs?!?) i don't even know what i ate, there was so much and most of it new to my tastebuds.
after an afternoon siesta, nicole took me around town and to her favorite overlook of the city, in the hip and artsy croix rouge district. we meandered for hours, but my favorite moment was finishing a supposedly american style cheeseburger while watching salsa dancers outside next to a grand statue/fountain designed by the same guy who made the statue of liberty. i told her about snipe hunting over my beck beer (not so good) and now i get to pack again for my train to le mans tomorrow morning!

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  1. Wow, they expect you to take four hours to eat a meal! Do they just eat small amounts at a time? I think I'd have a hard time with that too. It sounds like you were at an amazing church service. I'm so happy you have this opportunity Meg. I love you! You are in my thoughts!