Wednesday, September 2, 2009

tuesday, marseille

after sleeping in from a late night, we headed to the vieux (old)port to check out the scene. we stopped at a french asian fast food place, where i learned that milkshakes here consist of milk just shaken up. courtney introduced kate and i to her favorite cookie store, where i tasted almonds and chocolate made to look like provencial olives, a cinammon cookie and a dark chocolate cookie that reminded me of mexican wedding cookies. i wanted to go see remains of the old docks from centuries ago which is next to a marseille history museum, and discovered it's inside a huge mall. i met my first gypsies, and bought some famous marseille soap and lavender. then i successfully navigated the metro and bus system by myself to see the notre dame de la gare, which towers over the top of the city and offers a spectacular view of the area. the crypts were amazing, the inside walls covered with paintings, and hundreds of candles filled the foyer. i met up with the girls and joined their friends for weekly bible study and dinner. then we continued night two of the same things i can't type freely about, and now i'm hittin the hay


  1. why doesn't this shock me???? i'm glad you're having fun! miss ya lil bit!
    Leslie :)

  2. I'm glad that you seemed to have a good time in Marseille. That's cool that milkshakes truly are just milk that's been shaken.