Monday, September 21, 2009


i had my first geography of france class this morning. i liked how slow the professor talked, and i sat next to a really nice french girl who is goin to let me copy her notes. i have a lab componenet, and there is chaos in determining which of the four labs i get. it would be confusing to even type the process of figuring the class time. i think i'm going to like the subject, but there are tons of big numbers said quicjly, and it takes me a loooong time to convert numbers in my head.
met up again with brigitte to talk about classes for two and a half hours; we talked a lot, but nothing was accomplished or significant for me. i got my french cell phone today! it's pay as you go, which i've never done, and i'm not sure how long it will last or how many calls and texts i have; i just paid a certain amount for credit, and depending on which countries i contact/contact me, for however much time or words of text, will eventually just use all my money up. nice and vague, french style. i also bought a reduced train ticket card- if i use it correctly, every time i buy a train ticket for traveling i can save up to 60%! i came back to campus and took a placement test to determine which level of a language class i would be competent in. turns out, i already took half the test during the crash course; had i finished the other half, i could have saved two hours on a friday night of french test taking. i'm consistently so close to having things figured out here, but usually not close enough...
i made a massive supermarket food run and discovered the "international cuisine" aisle. it had all the american condiments like ketchup, tons of old el paso brand mexican stuff, german pickles and such- so basically, my favorite place to be. i got SO MUCH FOOD it was amazing. my favorite buy was four different dessert delicacies, which were all gone pretty quick. i bought stinky french cheese, three kinds, and a french brand of cereal similar to "smacks" in the states but called "croc bizz" here. i came back just in time to avoid pouring rain, but it had been months since i played in the rain, so deb and i frolicked in the chilly downpour awhile. i had been invited to hit up a french reggae concert, which i was intrigued and excited about, but ended up relaxing with deb and emily watching "the man in the iron mask" with french subtitles and drinking english breakfast tea instead

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