Thursday, November 26, 2009

friday: day 2, scotland

deanna is a great floor sleeper, which is great because i totally stole her bed for two different nights. after she was done with a bit of class, the three texans set out to climb The Law, which is an old inactive volcano that actually formed the town she lives in (!) being my first lava mountain climbing experience, i was ready for an extreme adventure up a jagged black slope; and was amused and the adventurer in a me a bit disappointed to see a quaint hill covered in a bed of thick grass (everything is green up here, all the time, like astro turf green!). nonetheless, we climbed up the stairs (haha) and made it to the top, enjoying the view of the river tay, dundee mountains, surrounding several cities and another inactive and smaller volcano/grassy hill.

the weather was FIERCE, but i anticipated it: 30's and 40's the entire trip, rain at lesat once a day and sometimes all day, extreme biting winds and always darkness. d went back to class, so katie and i curled up to watch some of the office, and eat/drink chocolate. for dinner, we walked across the bridge between dundee and a nearby city to a classic chippery, for good ole northern fish and chips. i got a type of fish i alrady forgot the name of, deep fried, with vinegar and salt drenched fresh fries, and an irn bru soda (it's a uk thing, and doesn't really taste like anything).

d wanted to show us the "uni," basically the unversity but specifcally the several story and multiple roomed area full of clubs and bars on campus. that thing was nice! they go all out, with themed nights, concerts, guest dj's, dance parties, drink specials, game nights- just like at a huge bar, but inside a campus building. it's the only place uk students go out to; and they go out alllll the time and have the worst rep for binge drinking in all of europe.

after stopping by that, we went to a cailee, but spelled differently with a "d" and "g" somewhere in gaelic. these are where people get all decked out in kilts and do traditional folk dancing! we somehow got in free, and i learned how to do scottish and canadien country dance with one, two, three and five other people at different times. it was a HOOT- live band, and grownups just skipping around and laughing to lively music. i loved it!

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  1. First the big all night party funded and hosted by your university, now a "uni" with party central right on campus - definitely not something I could've ever imagined. In fact, I think if someone else had told me about it I probably would've thought they were pulling my leg. I'm still shakin my head!

    It's so cool that almost everywhere you've been you've experienced a new form of dancing! Wish I could've been there to enjoy it all with you.