Thursday, November 26, 2009

monday, day 5: scotland/ireland

i slept in and it was magnificent! i'm a big fan of sleep, we get along quite well. by the way, i learned that "queue" is what you say for standing in a line, "pants" are underwear and "trousers" are pants, "i can't be bothered" means i don't feel like it, and how to properly use "wee" :) also, i'm finding it rather hard to form proper english sentences and phrases, since i've been attempting to fill my head with french; it's been amusing and annoying.

when d came back from class, we made lunch and then did a thanksgiving craft dessert! she bought all the pieces to make oreo turkeys, with makeshift candy because except the oreo's nothing was available to buy form the original recipe. i made 3, who took the shape of a pinocchio, a mosquito and a frenchman themed candy turkies. they are cute; one tasted good, the other two d are guarding d's kitchen until she eats them on thanksgiving. we said bye, and i already missed hanging out with her.

i went to take the bus to glasgow, and it turns out d accidentally booked my 13 pound ticket for the wrong day so i had to buy another one, with borrowed money from a sweet girl who is an actress. once i got to glasgow, i took another bus to the airport where i arrived way early (no more of this transportation nonsense, i say). i bought kilt stocking-keeper-upper's, a couple postcards, a mini nessie for my desk, a book of scottish poems and a scottish cookbook when all was said and done. i almost succombed to buying a chai from starbucks, because i have ben craving chai for a long time, but resisted the urge to not be that american who goes to starbucks in another country.

i flew into dublin, took and bus and met my host jakub. he is in his late twenties, polish and does computer stuff for we went to his place, and i crashed on his sleeper sofa in his living room of the flat he shares with another polish couple.

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