Friday, November 13, 2009


i can't seem to function in the laundry room here. it's like i've never even been within 20 feet of a wash room before! i ended up dying white things again, my third load of batched wash; this after losing the coin to start the machine, trying to buy another one, the woman sending the grounds keeper to help me find it in the gutters, and then finding it outside the room. however, this was my first time to successfully dry a load of laundry; there's always a little bugger that never fully dries.
i went to class, and the prof didn't show so went to the train station and bought tickets for this weekend! going to normandy, in several cities, 4 days, kinda by myself- more updates after the fact!
drama with more administrative and bank and insurance things. blah. class for non profit management, which is shockingly more mundane each week! i'm grateful i'm not lsot and confused all the time, but somehow this very dynamic and chaotic subject has been reduced to something from ferris bueller's day off.
i spent the evening with the internationals in the kitchens on campus again, swapping drinks, stories and languages. it was grand. when i tried to come back to my room for the night, i spent almost an hour and a half trying to get into a door that in every way seemed locked but turned out to be open the entire time (the french security guards, though they just sit and sleep, are really quite nice).

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  1. Bueller.... Bueller....

    laundry is DUMB! and the laundry fairy STILL won't come do my laundry for me! Boo to her!
    I've decided that since I've put off doing mine for 3 weeks, that I will take it ALL to Greenville with me to do it in the comfort of my Mother's home over Thanksgiving break! ;) haha!