Friday, November 13, 2009


today was labor day in the states, but armistice day in france, celebrating the end of the (i think second world) war. everyone was out of school and work, making everything seem like a ghost town and distracted me during a petite promenade in the 30 something degree weather.
i went to "la fete des foraines" today; i was invited, looked it up online, and still had no idea what it was. turns out, it's a 40-50 day carnival in town. i was amused to see they aren't really different in france (and europe, according to my other foreign friends): tons of unhealthy fair food, same type of rides, games you have absolutely no chance of winning, and all costing a pretty penny. however, their fair food was more with crepes, waffles, porc kebabs and "pommes d'amour" (apples of love, ei candied apples); the paintings on the rides had a lot of topless/almost naked women; and one game that you use the claw to try and pick something up was to pick up nasty looking thongs as a prize.
the rest of the day wasn't terribly eventful, basically just a day of kicking back. i found the hunchback of notre dame, the theatrically dramatic version from 1939, on youtube and watched all 13 parts and loved it.

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  1. Actually, it was Veteran's Day in the states. ;) Correlates to Armistice Day being a day of peace/no war or fighting. US honors those who have fought and who are fighting on this day.

    Love ya Megan!