Thursday, November 26, 2009

sunday, day 4: scotland

the morning started with a trip to a 15th century battlefield where the english and scots fought (english won), dropped katie off to go back to france, and then breakfast at an irish restuarant chain called o'brien's. i had a tortilla wrap and apple pie for breakfast, and it was magnificent! we bought kumar some yummy treats as a thanks for all his his hospitality, meals (i tried cornish chicken too) and petrol money and headed to dundee again.

during a two hour layover between trains in perth, i got my first scottish pub experience in. it was full of older men, watching football (soccer), with scottish colors decking out the hunter-ish decor. i got the usual scottish whiskey and coke, and i couldn't understand the girl's english so that's all i know.

once we got back to her room, we pulled an american thing and ordered pizza- delivery! and not just pizza, but pizaa hut pizza with cheesy garlic bread and spicey chicken fingers. we chowed down on our scottish desserts of irish whiskey loaf bread with raisins; jaffa cakes, which were soft shortbread cookies with a thin layer of chocolate and orange jam on top; yogurt covered granola and cranberries; and lastly hot cross buns (like the kid's song!) with apples and cinammon.

d is a christian, and in my small group back home, and it was so nice to just talk with her, pray and listen to a sermon of our pastor back home

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