Friday, November 13, 2009


good news, my alarm clock-my phone- died and didn't go off. thankfully i didn't miss anything incredibly important, but i woke up after 1pm and missed a free fancy lunch with two american businessmen and apparently missed meeting a ridiculous man obsessed with texas, which was a bummer. i spent several hours doing really three simple things: getting a new school ID (which meant going to 8 places), getting my bank account together (5 places, several countries, the university too) and printing insurance info (my 11th time trying to make it happen, over 3 weeks). i feel like i have so little to show for myself sometimes, but then things like those happen and i know where all my time goes.
i met another couchsurfer who lives in le mans today, along with her little boy and roomie. julie is unlike anyone i've met- she's been in the circus for 6 years (she performed a bit for me, and i saw her stilts!) and works as a nurse in the psychiatric ward. i visited her home and had some tea, and inevitably busted out some country line dances, which apparently are really hip here right now. i half considered just staying here and opening up a real southern bar, there are none here, where the 3 (i know!) country dance groups can come to dance, and people can get jack daniels and coke for less than 8 euros for a teeny shot glass. i'd be a real commodity, the texan running an american country bar, teaching dance classes a couple times a week- the more i type, the better it sounds ;)
normandy tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. you are AWESOME! Gotta love our Texan pride~!