Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sunday & monday & tuesday

i went to an apple and chesnut festival sunday! it was lovely- in the huge preserved nature space at the east corner of town, all the town got together to celebrate roasting of nuts and on-the-spot making of fresh apple juice (with help of a john deere tractor!) the internationals and i enjoyed 6 free juice tastings, and i bought an apple tart i saw deep fried and doused in sugar before my eyes. there were animals, a cheesy magician who used my friends in his show and a lot of mud. my hour or two of checking it out turned into a day long event, and i was glad :)

monday the highlight was my first french bible study. about 9 other students met up at the empty baptist church and went through john chapter 3. it was hard to keep my attention and concentration going, with it all in french, but i'm glad i went. then we shared some snacks, all almost the same you would have in the states but still somehow very different.

tuesday i spent my night language class discussing the death penalty, which was interesting to compare notes with people from other countries. the EU banned it altogether, making the US the only first world country to still kill the convicted; however, it's still widely used in many other countries. lots of grea thinking tonight. also, i watched some french tv while writing letters, that was a hoot! i found the hunchback of notre dame from 1939 on youtube, and watched all 13 parts tonight- check it out, it's great!

i received two packages!!!!!!!!!!!!! one from my sister and her bf jonathan, and the other from my denton friend ashley. both had sweet cards, halloween and thanksgiving goodies, american snacks not available here (multiple peanut butter things), vacation souvenirs and love :) what a exciting time- it felt like Christmas!!!

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