Monday, November 30, 2009

wednesday, day 7: ireland/france

i woke up at 5:30 am, which seems to be an unfortuante trend in my traveling; it's alright, i usually sleep in pretty late at school, so it somehow balances. i made it to the massive airport (dulbin is the homebase for ryanair, and therefore the most picky security and hardest to navigate).
which reminds me, i'm learning every ryanair airport is not created equally. they all have incredibly distinct personalities, shown through the size, interior design, types of snacks to buy and personnel. paris is shockingly small but insane (oh paris, you would); milan is small, wide and full of disgruntled security guards; rome is neutral; trapani is the new kid on the block, so fancy but trying to start with a good rep; glasgow is swanky and anal about security; dublin is industriel and chilly; nantes is nantes. it's a bit comedic and hectic, you can always expect the same thing but never have the same thing.
i was so thankful, because my flight was almost canceled due to extreme wind. good ole ryaniar refuses to reimburse canceled flights for any reason, so that would have sucked; about ten planes right before ours were delayed and then canceled, thanks God for letting mine happen!
arrived into nantes, and spent an hour checking out le chaetau des dukes de loir, and an epic cathedral. then le mans, home sweet home! i had a spat with laundry, again, and had somewhat of a standoff with the receptionist (not fun). yay for friends to return to, and a supply of pasta!

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