Thursday, November 26, 2009

the ultimate tuesday

man, today was crazy and great! i left my hosts in rouen, took a train to paris (layover was spent eating that great chinese food again!), arrived in le mans, did a slough of errands, got back home and went to class. this week, my looney and offensive professor decided he wanted us to share every stereotype we knew about each country represented among us foreigners. i transformed into morbidly obese, unaware of the world, and dominator of culture, as the lone american in the class; some of my other poor classmates were reduced to corrupt, abusive alcoholics. it was quite the class.
then, deb and i met up with frenchman raphael, from couchsurfing, and made his family dinner. we cooked sloppy joe’s with pickles (on a baguette though), lemonade and their first ever milkshakes (the french have every dessert covered except milkshakes). his sophomore in high school sister showed us her gerbils and asked if we liked miley cirus, his mom showed us how to work the kitchen, and his dad cracked jokes; just like back home  we didn’t plan on cooking for 6, so when we ran out of food they also added bread, cheese, raw meat and wine- they weren’t trying to be french, they’re just that french. then raphael and i swapped country music, and he put my collection to shame- i took 500 songs from him!
deb and i laughed hysterically all the way home, for absolutely no reason, and it felt so nice to be friends. i came back, and was marveling at the odd day i had and the trip i just came back from when emily knocked on my door. it was midnight exactly, and she had fresh chocolate cake for me! great day.

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