Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sicily- italy, part 2

fifth day: we arrived in trapani and met our host marco and his friend marcello. our favorite people we have met traveling, by far: inspiring hospitality, great guys, fun times, shoved us full of free food. they picked us up from the airport, showed us the salt mines, took us to drink espresso, eat gelato, then lay in sun all in our first 2 hours. we then ate some pastries, and hit up erice, a famous old town on a mountains in the city. i hit a huge bell on top of a church tower, ate and drank some more, explored a castle, and went back to trapani. katie and i tried capoeira round, a brazilian style of martial arts-dancing, and were SORE but enjoyed it. then we went and ate pizzas. all in the first day!

sixth day: after much needed sleeping in, we had a feast of a breakfast prepared by the guys. then we cruised to some reggae with the windows down to san vito, which has the best view in the entire area of the beach. i went cliff jumping, 54 from the sea, and it was so worth it. we rested back at the house, and then enjoyed yet another massive feast with 14 sicilians.

seventh day we left mid morning, and were sad to say goodbye to such beautiful people, weather, language, geography and amounts of free and delicious food. in 6 days, i ate 16 types of gelato and as much or more different types of pastries, all native to the area. it was also halloween, but we spent from 7am-930pm in travel mode and were exhausted, so not my best halloween but still alright.

italy: success! thank you God for this amazing opportunity and allowing it to go so perfectly!

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  1. Amen! Praise the Lord! Glad you're having such a blessed, amazing time!