Friday, December 18, 2009


Ya for sleeping in! It’s a beautiful thing. I met up with Jo for some coffee and prayer late afternoon, then Alineke and I finally visited a salsa class we’d been wanting to visit. It was Cuban style, which is pretty dang different than the traditional style we both know. The room was full of middle aged French couples, but they took us in with smiles all around and were quite pleasant. However, the codgy old man teaching the class was a horrible dancer, mean lead and rude to me as an American; for the first time since being in France, I was blatantly insulted in another language and quick enough to respond with poise in said other language. We stayed for a couple hours, then checked out Laredo Café, the French’s take on a Latin club. It was lovely! I got something I think called a Kao, a blended fruit and rhum thing, and we had a nice time together before taking the last tram back.

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