Friday, December 18, 2009

sunday of brittish-ness

after a couple hours of sleep, i went with jo to church for the last service while i was here. it lasted 2.5 hours, which is normal, and my favorite part was still attemping to sing and worshipping with french songs. after an odd but pleasant run in with a haitian man, we met a moroccan man in the supermarket who recommended us a tunisian red wine to take (delicious). for the third time, i tried to go to the country themed clothing store, like a small local cavendar's, but they are only open 2 days a week for 12 hours, so another time i hope.

i headed back home, and then met up again with jo, her fellow brit emma and american melissa for a pancake party! 3 hours later, we had successfully demolished my first pancakes (still not quite the same, but close) since i left the states. emma and jo introduced us to "proper english pancakes," with lemon juice and sugar on top. emma then gave me her recipe for chocolate chip scones! they shared their goal for the day with me: to watch the mid 90's version of pride and prejudice all the way through, which is around 5 hours. i debated and accepted!

for the next 6 hours, we watched the movie while pausing for several bottles of wine, baguettes, stinky cheeses, foie gras, fancy chocolates and other french munchies. jane austen would have been so proud! somehow, we didn't finish it in time for my skype date with the parents, and agreed to "carry on" the next day.

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