Friday, December 18, 2009

wednesday, back in le mans!

I saw my geography professor today, and learned the test I took two weeks ago (still ungraded) would count as my final too, so one less test to study for and take! I met up for a drink with Erin, another CSer from the States teaching here, at a new place for me called Bar’ouf. I tried a Monacco beer, Carlsberg served with lemonade and red fruit syrup.
I shivered my way around our Christmas market, enjoying the sights of small brown cabins (Lincoln log lookalikes!) arranged for local vendors to sell seasonal goodies, watched kids stand in line to sit on Santa, smelled fresh warm sugary drinks and fried pastries, and heard a surprising mix of reggae-bluegrass- and classic Christmas music in English over loudspeakers. I bought an ornament at a store nearby, and discovered a new part of the town I hadn’t seen before, while window shopping.
I bought a kebab and fries, in bbq sauce, and bought a ticket to watch Le Concert in a huge theater called le Coliesso, if that tells you anything. It has 7 rooms inside it, so it would be small for average American standards. I couldn’t find the bathrooms, and learned that each room had its own set of men’s and women’s toilets! No need to leave the room and debate the best time to leave a great movie, just walk to the front, stage right, and there you are! The movie was a fantastic story, half French and half Russian about a has-been orchestra of misfits reassembled in Paris against their “enemy of the people” status. Perfect movie, great evening by myself

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