Friday, December 18, 2009

tuesday, day 5: loire valley

After getting dropped off at the train station, I journeyed to Amboise for my second and last Loire castle for a while. The city is medium sized, split into three sections by two rivers (one is the Loire, I forgot the other one). I was the first one to enter the grounds that morning, and wandered around various buildings, towers, a cathedral and gardens in the Gothic and Renaissance style for a couple hours. This is where the Algerian king and 80 of his closest people were held captive after the conquest of the country, and I got to warm up a bit by a really cool fireplace with a fire by a Christmas tree overlooking the rivers. Not as majestic, but not complaining- it was still really cool.

I walked to Clos Luce, a castle given to Leonardo DaVinci during his last 3 years by the king of France where he lived and worked until his death. I spent an hour walking around the town, and then settled into a crêperie for a “Panini” savory crêpe and a couple scoops of icecream afterwards, even though it was freezing temperatures outside. I went back to Tours, and then back to Le Mans.

I had my first test, and grade for that matter, since I started my semester here. It was for my language class, and it went well! I wish the university system was less vague, ambiguous and unforgiving here; for many specific reasons, I’m glad to be returning to the American college system and be educated with all the great things it has to offer.

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