Friday, December 18, 2009

saturday night fever

Today was the best dance party of the semester, and the last night when all the Erasmus internationals were together before we begin to leave. Nostalgia has officially hit everyone, but I’m a bit behind on the bittersweet feelings so far. We met for dinner in the kitchen, and I made a fondant chocolate (cake with gooey chocolate) before trying Czech hard liquor (slavoviska?) and a special Czech treat from my Czechies. Unfortunately, we were kicked out by security two hours before the closing time because the oh-so accommodating director has no heart.

This did not deter the Europeans: bent on finishing the last of their alcohol before everyone went home, we stood outside shivering, swapping chips and plastic cups until it was all gone. We headed to Café Pop to dance, and once again it was lovely to dance with these guys. Out of a good 35-40 people, the majority danced the entire time (except one or two, all nonsexual), and the dj humored us with an amusing fog machine and electronic beats. As the night wore on and people went from tipsy to drunk, which was rather funny to watch and laugh being sober.

The 2am closing time meant only a pause for kebabs, and I discovered a new place for us to go. Leading 2/3 of the group to Le Stan, a piano bar that somehow doesn’t play any music that has piano parts. We jammed to popular American music over several decades until it closed at 4, and walked home teaching each other Christmas songs in our native tongues. Bed at 5, lovely!

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