Friday, December 18, 2009

thursday, don du sang

I gave blood for the first time! I’ve been too young, or enough time had not passed between visiting “dangerous” countries, a tattoo, etc. in the past, but now it was able to happen! I dislike needles very much so, and was even more uneasy with the language barrier, but really wanted to make it happen- it’s basically helping another human being live, which is pretty much the coolest thing I could do for someone.
However, like a little kid, I started crying at first and some doctor felt obligated to come hold my hand which was awkward. And then the vein wasn’t strong enough, so the aide stopped; we waited for another chair to open, and I switched arms. This time I didn’t cry (just almost), but after I was done and eating and drinking sugar I fainted. Never fainted before, and it was an odd experience; I came to with two doctors holding my legs up over my head, laying down, questioning me, “ca va?” repeatedly. It all worked out, but I had to stay for an hour.
After the total 2 hour ordeal, I had 30 minutes before taking a final. Thankfully, the professor was nice and the test was easy for me! I had hot chocolate with Mathilde in my room, and then met up in the kitchens to get in the first round of last rendez-vous with the internationals. I stayed several hours, then decided the whole loss of a pint of blood and fainting made dancing not the best choice

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