Thursday, December 3, 2009


after my language class, i went ice skating!!!!! i went with my sister leslie last year once, but other than that i haven't tried in years. considering the lack of complete healing in my knee yet and the fact that i would be balancing in sharp metal blades on ice for a couple hours, i wasn't sure how it would go.
perfect is a good description :) angels helped me not fall, even once, and i had a great time with the mix of french-czech-germans-turkish i went with. it was student (university) night, so they had some games to play on the ice. i skated/stumbled through hula hoops and cones, and came in 11th of 13 in the speed race, haha. highlight of night: ducking under two teeny hoops at the same time as petra, holding her hand, and then doing it backwards!
when we headed out, our new french friend did a circus-type performance with fire in the parking lot (same guy who just got injured from his scooter for delivering burger).

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