Wednesday, December 2, 2009

turkey day!

happy thanksgiving, france! man, i miss thanksgiving in the states, thanksgiving with my family, the food, the traditions, the turkey coma. i had an amusing time trying to translate "food coma" into french, and wasn't surprised to find out nothing like that exists in the language.
today was not the ideal thanksgiving day of luxury, but still ended with a full stomach. instead of having thursday and friday off, i woke up early for a class in which the prof showed up half an hour late (don't worry, he decided it was fair to compensate for his error by keeping the class an extra 30 minutes afterwards to continue lecturing). i had another class this afternoon, in which i was totally ditched by my fellow students (not the first time) without knowing what happened. i went to the bathroom one room away, came back and they had all left without a sound. 30 minutes of waiting and finding a woman who treated me like an idiot later, i found the other building and room the class had been moved to. oh, and i have a test tomorrow that prohibits any remotely late night of fun.
we had a feast, and it was perfect for this place! another american and a lebanese guy hosted about 30 americans, germans, english, french at their flat. it seemed there would be no pumpkin pie and not enough food, but alas! another american had bought pumpkin pie mix, unheard of in france, at a specialty shop in paris and saved it for sharing tonight and it was GREAT! mom, you ahev full permission to bake me an entire pumpkin pie to myself when i get home for christmas. only half the people brought food, but somehow there were leftovers of everything! i made stuffing for the first time ever, from a box recipe my darling friend ashley sent me from the states, and it was a hit :)
oddly, all the girls who don't keep up with football at all wanted to watch the game. however, we were 7 hours ahead and without ESPN; we almost resorted to yelling at the closed china cabinet and gesturing wildly, but decided to maintain dispositions of sanity instead ;)

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