Thursday, December 3, 2009

saturday and sunday with mathilde

i really had a great time with this family! we went to the local weekly market, got hot chocolate at a bar and mathilde and i walked to a nearby castle and checked it out. i slept in, took my first actual bath (not shower) in more than 3 months and wore a sweatshirt all weekend. i watched my first rugby game with dad and brother, and i was intrigued, appreciative of good lookin men and afraid all the same time. i also watched a famous movie from the 70's about a frenchman who is a food critic (go figure).
we spent 2 evenings in front of the fireplace together, which was great considering the family doesn't use heaters at all. they shared legit champagne, red wine from bordeaux and white wine from le mans with me over bread coated with fois gras (bird innards mashed up served cold) and caviar. this was only the beginning of mass quantities of deliciousness: casserole (french style), plenty of veggies, cheese souffle, beef so rare i thought it mooed at me, madelines, french and dutch cheeses at each meal, and then the desserts! i had several different chocolate this and thats, one pear tart/pie, one apple tart/pie with meringue on top, and one piece of mousse-fruit-pie. when i left, mom gave me a tupperware container of leftovers to take back home, fancy chocolates and a christmas ornament! great weekend, perfect timing

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