Thursday, December 3, 2009

wednesday, car themed!

today i went to the harley store in le mans, decked out in my leather jacket my dad gave me from the corpus harley store and matching boots. feeling kinda cool looking, my pride (and cleanliness) was checked as i was walking there when a car drowned me in street water, boots to hair. i got there and it was exactly like the ones in the states, the only variation being everything was in euros so it cost even more than already being expensive and the clerks spoke french.
i hit up the le mans 24 hour race store next, and stocked up on gifts and bought a cute pink racing tank top for me (thinking texas weather, not french). my town is known for this race every late spring/early summer that is 24 straight hours, car and motorcycle, featuring racers from around the world. it seemes patrick dempsey was here last year race time, "driving" for a charity.
i accidentally stumbled upon "le mans," an american movie from '71 about the race, with groovy heartthrob steve mcqueen. after finding all 12 parts on youtube, i made it through half before falling asleep 3 times. the beginning was cool though, because it was my town, on film! and from the standpoint of an american, with footage of campers.
i felt sufficiently nascar today :)

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  1. I don't know how I forgot you had this blog.
    I might be reading over it for a while.